Iron Rubber products | Industrial rubber/resin products | Products | NOK CORPORATION

Iron Rubber products | Industrial rubber/resin products | Products | NOK CORPORATION


Cushioning components

Buffer components are used in automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural machines, power tools, industrial robots, general industrial machines, and so on.

Slide components

Slide components are used in bearings of automobiles, construction machines, agricultural machines, railway vehicles, and general industrial machines. These components have high wear resistance, high durability, and high vibration absorption.

Seal components

Seal components are used in automobiles and construction machines. Seals have high wear resistance and high sealing performance.

Roller components

Roller components are utilized in motorcycles, railway vehicles, elevator door operators, and amusement machines. The roller component is used in a place where high wear resistance, high load capacity, and high mechanical strength is demanded. The roller component greatly reduces the transmission of noise and vibration as well.

  • Roller components

Silencer components

A silencer component has high wear resistance and high vibration absorption. Noise reduction effect can be improved by replacing a plastic or metal component or by lining a metal component.

Dust prevention components

A dust prevention component has high mechanical strength, high wear resistance, and high durability. Wiping effect can be expected.

Pneumatic control components

NOK offers grippers and pads of low-hardness material, balls with high sphericity and precision, and so on.

Exterior components

Highly colorable components are ideal for exterior components.


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