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Welcome to our supermarket! On our platform, we have aggregated a wide variety of products to ensure that you can find what you are looking for and complete your purchase quickly. And the good news is that our product prices are wholesale prices! Just meet the MOQ, you can enjoy super low price. This is our supermarket, which brings you endless convenience and benefits! Come and find out!

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Our service targets are all kinds of customers who need construction machinery parts, whether it is B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to individual) mode, we can provide professional services and high-quality products.

For B2B customers, we understand that their demand for mechanical parts is an important part of the normal operation of the enterprise. We know that mechanical equipment will inevitably break down or need replacement parts during the working process, which requires reliable and efficient suppliers to meet its needs. We have won the trust of many enterprises with high-quality products and services. From large construction companies to small and medium-sized machinery manufacturing enterprises, our products can meet the needs of various fields. We not only provide standard accessories, but also customize them according to the specific requirements of customers, ensuring high reliability and durability while meeting the requirements.

For B2C customers, we understand the importance of mechanical accessories in personal use. Whether repairing domestic construction machinery or modifying a personal hobby machine, we have the right accessories and professional advice. We provide a wide range of product lines, covering common accessories for various types of mechanical equipment, including but not limited to hydraulics, engines, transmission systems, etc. We are committed to providing individual customers with a simple and convenient shopping process, and provide comprehensive after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction.

We pay attention to communication and cooperation with customers, whether it is B2B or B2C mode, we provide fast response, timely delivery and professional support. We have an experienced sales team and technical support staff who can provide professional advice and technical support when customers need it.

To sum up, we serve all kinds of customers, whether they are enterprises or individuals, and sell construction machinery parts in B2B and B2C mode. Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality products and professional services, help them solve mechanical failures, meet individual needs, and play a greater role in the field of construction machinery. Whether you are an enterprise or an individual user, we look forward to working with you and growing together.